$ 99 per month (up to 30 users)
$ 3 per user per month (30 users or more)
$ 3 per user per monthall features included

  • No set-up fees and no complications
  • Every integration and every feature included
  • Accessible through any web browser
  • Mobile & Desktop apps
  • Deploy in our cloud, your cloud or on-premise

For your team, your department or your whole organization, Incentive’s pricing fits any budget.

$3 per user per month gives you full access to Incentive’s entire social collaboration platform.

That's right. All of it, and all in one place so your team can get stuff done. Together.

Incentive fits into your existing workflows and is extremely intuitive, so onboarding your team is super simple. With Incentive, you don't have "one more thing to check" because everything, from messaging to enterprise file sharing, is all in one place.

$3 per month
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Always Included

  • %Task Management
  • %Wikis & Blogs
  • %Group chat and IM
  • %Integrations (Dropbox, SharePoint, etc.)
  • %Secure File Sharing
  • %Video Calling
  • %Enterprise Social Networking
  • %Document Collaboration
  • %Secure Single Tenant Hosting
  • %Powerful Search
  • %Support
  • %Desktop and Mobile Apps


How does the 45-day free trial work?

Don't be shy! Go ahead and take Incentive for a free 45-day test drive - no strings attached. Look under the hood. Hit the gas pedal. Get a feel for how we can help you work better, together. During your free trial you'll have full access to all Incentive features and can even get paired up with a Collaboration Coach to help you get the most out of your trial. If you don't love Incentive after your 45 days are up (but we're sure you will!), you don't owe us a dime!

So, how is Incentive hosted?

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most secure deployment of Incentive possible, and we offer several options to fit your specific needs. Incentive is deployed in the private, public or hybrid cloud powered by Microsoft's Azure, so you can rest assured your installment is reliable and secure.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

Is pricing monthly or annual?

Pricing is per user per month with an annual commitment.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. Once you cancel your account, you'll be responsible for charges incurred for that billing period, but you won't be charged again.

  • Smart, well-designed and precise enterprise social software platform that makes internal communication and collaboration easy and enjoyable. Providing the tools you need them, the way you need them and the way they are easy to learn use. User experience at its very best. We used it at the consultancy to share knowledge, ideas and to collaborate. So good, I took the very next chance to take the next client on the trip as well.
    Damra Muminovic

    Senior Consultant at Avega Group

  • At Technossus, we needed a single repository that enabled us to communicate effectively and store knowledge that’s easily searchable and accessible to all, rather than individual e-mail inboxes. While there are many other systems out there, Incentive stood out in many ways, including performance, familiarity, simplicity and ease of use.
    Harrison Spain

    Director of Software Development at Technossus

  • Incentive has allowed us to take our in-house knowledgebase to the next level. A reliable wiki for our various knowledgebases has been a life saver.
    Jeff Neeley

    Director of IT at McKenney's

  • We initially wanted to add collaboration to our existing intranet, but after listening to what Incentive had to offer we decided that an intranet should really be completely turned upside down to be effective. So we scrapped the entire intranet and re-built it with Incentive.
    Oskar Ahlberg

    Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at IBS