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All your work, all in one place.

Work together on a whole new level.

JOIN THOUSANDS OF START-UPS, global, and local businesses using Incentive

Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate.

No more bouncing around in different apps, tabs, and services. Everything found with one single search.

The End to Point Solutions.

Everything is built in.

Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration that’s Inside, Outside, Around and Beyond the Document.

More Than Letters and Words

With our powerful editor, Incentive brings your documents to life where you easily can format text and paragraphs. Different stylings, links, images, code snippets, emojis - endless possibilities.

Get a Head Start With Templates

Use predefined structured templates to easily create Meetings Notes, Blogs, Wikis, and more. Designed to make your work better, and get stuff done.

All Changes Tracked with Revision History

All changes made in your documents is saved under version control, meaning you can view any previous version of your document, compare different versions or rollback to any past version.

Do More, Together

Work together on your document. Mention people to pull them into the conversation and get their opinion. Attach documents, images and more. Add, assign and discuss tasks. Get Stuff Done. Together.

Group Chat and Instant Messaging

Team Messaging That's Built for Your Business With Our Powerful Standalone App Running on All Platforms.

One-to-One and Group Messaging

Get quick answers from your peers, or create a rooms for projects, clients, challenges, and invite your whole team.

Online Status and Read-Receipts

See when people are online, get read receipts with each message making sure it's delivered and seen.

Fully Searchable

Every conversation is searchable by keyword, including text, links, and more. If it's discussed in Incentive, it's there forever.

Have Fun!

Use emoji's to bring your conversations to life - work should be fun, and a chat needs a smile from time to time.

Task Management

Keep Everything in Sync and Move Work Forward.

For Yourself and Your Team

Organize, prioritize and create tasks, either for yourself or instantly delegate. No matter what you’re planning - big or small - Incentive's task management helps you get stuff done!

All In One Place

Set Due Dates, Add Notes, Assign, Attach Files and Add Comments to clarify what needs to be done. All done in one place.

Always In a Context

In Incentive, a Task is never left hanging. Create Tasks and attach them to Documents, Meeting Notes, Files or Workspaces.

Get Reminded

Incentive will keep on chasing you until the task is checked and done. It will notify you in your phone, it will send you emails, it will poke you on your desktop - all so you don't miss that deadline.

Enterprise File Sharing

A Safe Place for All Your Files.

Every File, Right Where You Need It

Tired of searching through your emails, computer and company servers to track down "shared" files? Incentive's Enterprise File Sharing makes it easy to find the right file quickly and share it with anyone in your company.

Store Any File

Upload and store any type of file - photos, drawings, stories, specifications - anything.

Work On Files. Together.

Involve your files seamlessly in conversations, tasks, shares, and documents through Quicklinks. Move things forward like never before.

Dropbox & Windows File Shares

Incentive makes your files in Dropbox & Windows File Shares discoverable, collaborative and accessible. Finally - all your files findable in one place.


Get all the fundamentals you need to start collaborating with your team members for free.

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Runs on Everything so You Can Use it Anywhere

Get full access to your messages, documents, tasks, and receive notifications whether you’re at your desk or on the go.


Get Started Today. Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate.

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And There Is More

Native Wikis

Create, manage and share collaborative wikis supporting wiki syntax.


Updates and comments looping in people by @mentioning.

Social Networking

Connect and follow your peers, build expert groups.


Create events in seconds, no matter how big or small the occasion.

Meeting Notes

Take notes quickly, efficiently, and collaborative.


Easy way to make critical decisions or launch brainstorming.

Image Galleries

Create albums and beautiful slideshows.


Create topics, quote and create structured threads.