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New 451 Research report

In 451 Research’s latest report, analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe takes a look at Incentive’s position in the marketplace and how our technology is changing the enterprise social collaboration space – one wiki at a time.

The market may be crowded, but Incentive’s “all in one place” approach is unique and sets our social collaboration platform apart from the competition, and could just be the special sauce we need to dominate.

This report summarizes Pelz-Sharpe’s findings of Incentive, and includes:

  • Background and brief history of Incentive
  • Incentive’s strategic approach to growth
  • A look at the competition saturating the market
  • SWOT analysis of Incentive

Download your free copy of the latest 451 Research report now to gain greater insight into Incentive’s unique market approach, our strengths and how we’re impacting the industry along the way.

[Incentive] certainly represents an interesting alternative, particularly to businesses that are seeking to refresh their intranets with something a bit more social, collaborative and cost-effective.
Alan Pelz-Sharpe

451 Research