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Email Overload Is A Culture

Email overload is a culture within an organization, but luckily, cultures can change. What businesses need is a culture in which they can make full use of the collective knowledge of all workers; a culture that in many ways works like a search engine on the web.


Whenever someone posts a query on Google or Bing, chances are someone else has already asked and answered the exact same question. Engaging with a search engine gives people access to those solutions and answers.


It’s not a matter of wanting more information, rather relevant information. Not constantly, but only when needed. That’s the real challenge.


The answer is enterprise social collaboration software, which has emerged as a proven and effective solution. Transitioning to this type of answer to a problem does require a change in a company’s culture from email-centered to social business-centered. But it’s worth it.


This white paper provides insights that will make that transformation smooth and efficient.

Tear Down Information Silos To Start Communicating