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Incentive Releases “Incentive Spring 2015” with Real-Time, Instant Communication Rooms for Improved Enterprise Social Collaboration

Features include upgrades focused on real-time communications such as instant group messaging rooms, notifications, automated task management app and enhanced, one-click integrations to help enterprises get work done faster and smarter in a single, secure platform 

LOS ANGELES – June 3, 2015 – Incentive, a leading provider of a complete, socially powered enterprise collaboration platform for mid-market organizations and enterprise teams, today announced the general availability of “Incentive Spring 2015,” a new version of the platform that empowers real-time communication all in one place. The new version includes real-time group messaging, improved task management and integrations to enhance team communication, collaboration and productivity.

The social business software market is expected to grow from $13.9 billion in revenue in 2014 to $37 billion in 2019, according to a recent report by 451 Research. Incentive combines all the features teams need to be more efficient, capture individual and collective knowledge and collaborate within a single, secure platform. All data is saved, indexed and easily retrievable with a smart search engine, so users can instantly locate and act on everything they need for work. With everything in one central location, employees save time spent switching between multiple browser tabs and platforms to improve productivity.

“With the emergence and upward trend of technologies that enable a truly social experience in the workplace, businesses can improve collaboration, communication and productivity,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, research director, social business at 451 Research. “Incentive’s all-in-one social collaboration platform is well thought out and easy to use, and it represents an interesting alternative to businesses that are seeking to refresh their intranets with something more modern for today’s social workforce.”

Incentive Spring 2015’s new or enhanced features include:

  • Conversation Rooms – New chat feature enables real-time group conversations to discuss projects, share files and links and get work done together. Users can chat in real-time or communicate through video in any browser, without having to install another program.
  • Task Management – Upgraded system brings together all of a user’s to-dos in a single list, improving employee productivity. Real-time notifications, tagging and categorizing let users know when they are assigned a task, when it’s due soon and which ones are active.
  • Integrations – Enhanced integrations with Dropbox and SharePoint enable users to share important files and documents in the same place without having to switch tabs or platforms, making it easier to collaborate and work together.
  • Book App – New app enables users to create more extensive documents that can be divided into chapters and contain bookmarks, such as manuals, essays, instructions and policies, making it easier to share and maintain important work-related publications.
  • Photo Album App – The ability to easily upload photos and create and share albums enables a more social experience, improving efficiency and productivity with visual communication.

In addition, the Spring 2015 edition includes enhancements to the user experience, additional user guides, easier file sharing, pinned notes in work spaces and more. For a complete list of features, visit www.incentive-inc.com/social-collaboration-platform.

“With real-time communication increasingly entering the enterprise, people want tools to communicate like they do in their personal lives, with all of the social features that come with those apps,” said Rickard Hansson, CEO and founder of Incentive. “These features needs to be enabled across all devices – from a laptop to a tablet to a phone – and available in one single platform. Incentive aims to provide everything businesses need to get their work done.”

Incentive is an easy-to use, socially powered collaboration platform that eliminates cluttered workflows by consolidating and standardizing existing apps and tools in a central location. All content – whether a wiki, blog, document, IM or video conversation – is centralized, making it accessible by every employee through a simple, intelligent search. The platform empowers companies and their employees to work, share, communicate and collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

For a free 45-day trial of Incentive, visit trial.incentive-inc.com. Pricing starts at $3 per user per month.



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