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Undergoing a big shift in your organization, whether it’s related to your culture or how you do business, is never an easy task. Implementing a social intranet is a worthwhile endeavor but can seem overwhelming – especially for organizations with rigid security requirements or a lot of employees.

One well-known and well-respected international organization took this challenge head on. Download our free case study to learn the details of how the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) evaluated and addressed its need for a social intranet and ultimately decided on Incentive to solve some pressing business challenges.

You’ll learn about:

  • The challenges of tearing down information silos
  • How NATO adhered to its security standards when choosing a social intranet
  • Why Incentive was a perfect fit
  • The benefits NATO has experienced since implementing a social intranet


Download your copy today and apply these insights to your own organization’s social intranet search!